I spent many happy years wandering all over the western United States visiting various national and state parks, theme parks, shows and just about anything else I could find. It was a good time in my life. The 60,000 or so photographs that I took during this period are preserved on this site for your viewing pleasure.


Historical Places




The other day I visited the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Garden. I walked around the place, gazing at the beauty of the plants and noticed this bed of flowers full of bees. I spent a few minutes snapping pictures, and got this beautiful shot. Personally, I think it's one of the best pictures I've taken so far. Click on the picture to send as a postcard
Oh...my God! Richard, I think you are right! This is by far one of the best pictures you have taken. Did you use a special lens?

I think that you should go to Aaron Brothers and buy a really nice frame with a really nice matt and put it in you house somewhere (enlarge it by at least an 8X10). You have to be proud of your work and honor it by displaying somewhere where it will inspire you to go out and take more images like this one.

I want this picture for Christmas with your autograph on it.

Be proud of your work, honor it!